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The LINGUAL RING Ri.P.A.Ra is a BITE innovative, it is the result of many years of research, it is the first that combines the knowledge of classic gnathology and the functional rehabilitation of the tongue.

The LINGUAL RING Ri.P.A.Ra isn't a simple bearing to insert between the teeth, but is the first universal device that puts the tongue at the center of therapy, therefore the tongue is the main engine of the active re-education of the entire stomatognathic system.

The positional re-education the tongue is in fact an innovative concept that will change the therapeutic protocols of the operators Mandibulofacial-Postural

This particular device moves your tongue in upward and forward along the jaw.


The new posture of the tongue and jaw which also changes the position of the hyoid bone, reduces the strength of the masticatory muscles.

Moving forces will reduce the tension on the teeth, joints and muscles craniocervical mandibular.

Therefore, "The Lingual Ring" doesn't act as the classics BITE that are just "bearings" so as not to touch the teeth, but puts the tongue, the jaw and the hyoid bone to the center of the positional and functional rehabilitation.

All this reduces bruxism and tensions, with significant benefits on noise and pain craniocervical mandibular.

The Lingual Ring Ri.P.A.Ra. will integrate and complete the therapy of gnathologist, dentist, osteopath, physiotherapist and speech therapist.

Dr. Alessandro Rampello


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