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The causes of Bruxism are varied, they can be both physical and psychological , for example:

  • Stress is among the most common in adults

  • Anxiety
  • Emotional tension
  • Hyperfunction of the jaw muscles
  • Malocclusion (Abnormal alignment of upper and lower teeth)

"Do not yet know the exact causes, although there are numerous studies.

Many hypotheses and theories have been proposed: for the correct development of the jaw, to create a mating face between the teeth, to alleviate dental or muscle pain or when between the teeth of the upper and lower, there isn't a proper alignment, to assume the familiar predisposition or the presence of alterations in muscle coordination or alterations to the extrapyramidal system.

Nowadays one of the most credible hypothesis is stress, either in the form of nervous tension either anxiety."

Dr. Alessandro Rampello

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