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Many children, especially during deep sleep, emit some grinding noises caused by the rubbing of the teeth.
This is a "pseudo-noise" called Bruxism that is quite common due to the contraction of the muscles of mastication.

Bruxism Children

On average three out of ten children suffer the Bruxism, especially under 5 years old, the exact causes are still unknown, although there are numerous studies.
Nowadays one of the most credible hypothesis is stress, either in the form of nervous tension either anxiety.
It is well-known in fact, that a class test, a competitive commitment, a quarrel in the family or with friends, rivalry with his little brother, they can create high-risk situations that cause stress sufficient to tighten the jaw and teeth grinding.

Usually bruxism has a direct effect on the teeth that often passes unnoticed.
Many parents hear the "sound" produced during the teeth-grinding. In many cases, you may manifest headache more or less important, earache, pain in the jaw joints etc.
The majority of the children, however, do not have problems unless the teeth-grinding does not become chronic.

Bruxism Children

The majority of the children do not need to any operation as it Bruxism tends to regress spontaneously with growth.
Instead, in cases where the teeth grinding were to last with accentuation of the effects listed above, it is important to control and the intervention of a specialist who can advise your "bite" more suitable.
It may be important to the search for stressors, that is, of all the factors that can cause psychological distress and work on these in collaboration with the pediatrician.

Bruxism Children

Dr. Alessandro Rampello


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