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Bruxism Cure

Over the years have been suggested many "bite", resin removable devices (also called: plates, splints, orthotics, etc..), which are inserted between the teeth.

Generally they can be separated into two main categories: those universal and individual.

The first are cheap and can be bought packaged but they are simply bearings distancing teeth scarcely effective, the others are more functional but they are made by the dentist on plaster casts and cost a lot.

Nowadays was finally realized the "bite" universal, the Lingual Ring Ri.P.A.Ra. which is not a trivial bearing to insert between the teeth but is a functional device such as those personal.

This innovative "bite" is the result of many years of research. It is the first "bite" that combines the knowledge of classic gnathology at rehabilitation Myofunctional of the tongue.

The tongue is placed at the center of the therapy and therefore is the main engine of the active re-education of the entire stomatognathic system.

It is the only one that combines the repositioning of the mandible to the active functional rehabilitation of the tongue and which also acts on bone Hyoid and then on the cervical spine and all the structures of the area craniocervical.

Dr. Alessandro Rampello

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