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The BRUXISM is a dynamic parafunction which consists of grinding or clenching the teeth, usually occurs during sleep, but may also occur during the day.

The causes can be both physical and psychological and the symptoms are:

  • Dental screech noise during sleep.
  • Pain in the teeth and masticatory muscles, especially on waking.
  • Pain to the ear and the jaw joints.

A determination of Bruxism is done with the evaluation of abrasion on the teeth and the observation noise and symptoms mentioned above.

It is important to request a visit from a gnathologist dentist to assess your joints of the jaw "TMJ" and the state of contraction of the muscles.

In fact, the continuation of bruxism as well as wear on the teeth can cause damage to your joints of the jaw "TMJ".

The therapy is basically about deprogramming and protection, for this reason, the device "Lingual Ring Ri.PA.Ra." is the BITE most suitable.

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